Robyn Pearson Psychotherapy

E.F.T. – Energy Healing


Imagine how it would feel to be in control of your life, your health, your future. To be free…

You may not be feeling that right now. Maybe your experiences have you struggling to cope, and life is hard at the moment. Perhaps stress and anxiety have you in their grip, or grief has you in a heap on the floor, maybe you are looking for who you are, whatever the reason you are searching and reaching out for help.

However you have arrived here – you’ve found me for a reason. Let’s uncover and rediscover those parts of you that you have been searching for, and journey together along your path to healing and wholeness.

I’m Robyn Pearson, and I offer support, guidance and professional help in a safe, effective and heart centred space.  I am based in the Redlands, and offer Psychotherapy, EFT Tapping, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Energy Healing in person in the clinic or online.

How I can help you 

If becoming whole and healthy feels overwhelming, if you’ve had life experiences that have left you feeling stressed, anxious and disconnected, you’re not alone.  

I’ve been helping people successfully navigate their internal world for many years. Finding a way through negative self-talk and the stories you’ve lived by -trauma, grief and loss, stress, anxiety, relationships (with people, food, alcohol, smoking, to name a few), spiritual health.

Our body-mind-spirit connection is inseparable.  Any trauma, shock or disturbance to one system is intrinsically related and held in each and every other system. This disturbance is like a droplet of water into a clear lake.  The ripples spread outward and onward, becoming more subtle with time and distance. It’s  the same with us. The ripples from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain and trauma, affect us through all our life, unless we face them. 

Bringing you back home, back to who you truly are, to be able to rest peacefully and happily within. Finding and enhancing your internal resources, to be able first to cope, then to heal and thrive, is my honour and calling. 

I’ve trained extensively, over many years, in diverse and eclectic fields to find a way forward into mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic wellbeing. Now my therapy sessions are a blend of western, eastern and metaphysical sciences, a holistic approach to personal, professional and soul-full mastery. 

I am a qualified body psychotherapist, counsellor, evidence based Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner (also known as EFT or tapping), clinical hypnotherapist and energetic healer.

My commitment is to offer a safe, heart-centred and supportive space to explore, to become conscious, whole, and most of all to heal. 

If you are interested, but still a little uncertain, contact me to arrange an introductory call, to ask questions and to see if we can work well together. 

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I can help

I have suffered from anxiety for many years. I was going through an extreme time when I made an appointment with Robyn to try and regain some normality as well as to help motivate me towards a healthier lifestyle.

After my first session I felt a lot more grounded and calm.  By the end of my fourth session, I feel calm, more motivated and that I have a positive direction to move towards.

I feel a number of past issues have been resolved and was surprised at the significance and meaning I had put on some incidents.

I am so greatful to have found Robyn. She is easy to open up to, very understanding, empathetic and can focus on the important issues.  I feel really good and am glad she is just a phone call away if I feel I need more help in the future.

Karen S

Brisbane, Australia

When I first met Robyn at an EFT seminar earlier in the year I was immediately drawn to her warmth and empathetic nature. I began having sessions with her and am so grateful that I was lucky enough to cross her path, as she has been such a wonderful anchor for me and continues to support and guide me through my journey. Whilst I still have stressful events In my life, the sessions with Robyn and the tapping has helped take the emotional “charge” off these stressors and I feel I am better equipped to handle these situations as a result of my time spent with her.

She is a wonderful listener and I always feel like she actually “hears” what I’m saying and can help me make sense of the millions of thoughts that go on in my head. She has helped me to separate the “situation” from the “feelings” surrounding the situation and this has really helped bring awareness and consciousness around my emotions, and I’ve become more of an observer rather than being deep entrenched in the drama or stress of a situation.

I highly recommend working with Robyn, she is so kind and caring not to mention very wise. 


Chiropractor, Integrative nutritionist and mother of 3 young children