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Body Psychotherapy

Each person embodies their life experiences.  Sensations, emotions, thoughts, impulses and movement are all interconnected parts and each life experience is “stored” in the body-mind. These experiences are expressed in our way of relating to others, our internal life, and our external behaviours.

When the information in our body-mind remains unconscious we react defensively, causing conflict within and without.  It is only when consciousness is brought to the body-mind that we have a choice to act, instead of react. 

Often our fear of what we might uncover, disclose, (re)experience, of being judged, that holds us hostage in the uncomfortable and often painful place, that stops us seeking help and healing.

Psychotherapy is a process, not a quick fix or magic pill. You will need to do the work.  It does take courage and commitment to change, to face your internal defences, traumas and fears, to heal, to be emotionally and mentally healthy. To be happy.

As your therapist, I am willing to be your experienced guide, mentor and sometimes your wake-up call, on your journey back to wholeness. You’ll be safe to share what troubles you, to break down and reform, to have insights and understandings, to laugh, grow and find that place of peace within.

Evidence Based Emotional Freedom Techniques – Tapping, EFT or Energy Psychology

Stress, anxiety, depression,PTSD, cravings, trauma, pain,
phobias, addiction, weight loss, motivation, improve resilience and happiness, these are just some of the applications of Evidence Based EFT. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping or EFT, is a combination of techniques that create lasting and positive change. It combines somatic therapy, talk therapy, acupressure points, exposure therapy, used in a specific sequence, which create lasting, positive and integrative change.

We all create core beliefs through life experiences, usually in our formative years from our parents, care givers and siblings, which become unconscious overtime. These unconscious beliefs manage our behaviour, relationships and how we perceive the outside world.

Some beliefs may be “I’m not good enough”, “I will be hurt if I’m vulnerable”, “It is not safe to trust”. These beliefs influence our perception and expectation of how we will be treated, how we treat others and we relate.

Tapping can be applied to not only work with our negative feelings, it also is a vehicle for positive change. Increasing motivation, performance and success.

Matrix Re-Imprinting is a specific sub-sect of EFT, including time line therapy, parts integration and memory reconsolidation to bring about significant positive change, increase internal resources, improving resilience, and the ability to recover and heal.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an evidence based, natural approach to working directly with the sub-conscious mind. It works on very deep levels of the mind, areas that are beyond rational thought. It almost feels like a deep guided meditation, though it has specific targeted outcomes depending upon what you want to work on.

Hypnosis does not change who you are, it will not make you quack like a duck each time someone claps their hands… what it will do is assist you in changing behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that negatively impact your life, allowing you to become more positive, healthy and happy.

Hypnotherapy can improve thought patterns, emotional resilience and mental health states.
Hypnosis is a form of trance. We move in and out of trance continuously throughout our day, we sometimes call it “zoning out”. Trance is a natural way that our mind recharges or has a mini-holiday!

Energy Healing or Energy Medicine

Energy healing is a broad term encompassing any therapy that increases the flow of energy in and around the human body. Some more readily recognised forms of energetic healing are reiki, thought field therapy, kinesiology,
acupuncture, and chakra balancing.

The acceptance of energy medicine is becoming more prevalent with the emergence of quantum physics, the work of many current scientists, mystics and spiritual leaders, and the availability of information about the profound healing changes that result.

Everything is energy, everything vibrates at a certain frequency. When that vibration or frequency is interrupted, disturbed or damaged through emotional, psychological, physical or psychic injury or trauma, epi-genetic influences, it forms an energetic “block” or stagnated flow that restricts the body-mind-spirit and creates dis-ease or dysfunction in our being.

Since I have been working with energy healing for many years, I no longer prescribe to a specific modality. My approach is intuitive, instinctual, utilising my HSP (higher senses of perception), along with educated, channelled and remembered healing protocols.

With the combination of talk therapy, EFT, and hypnosis healing the results are profound and lasting. The intellectual understanding of the mental and emotional belief and triggers, combined with the body’s instinctual nature, along with energetic healing, integrates healing throughout all of our system.


Single Session Investment

Robyn Pearson single session

Initial Consultation

1.5 hour $230.00

eft therapist single session

Single Session

1 hour $155.00

Package Investment

body psychotherapy

Initial Package


1 x 1.5 hour and 3 x 1 hour sessions

redlands energy healing 5 hour package

5 Hour Package


Usually 5 x 1 hour sessions, however this can change if more or less time is used in 1 session.

Initial consultation required first.

clinical-hypnotherapy 10 hour package

10 Hour Package


Usually 10 x 1 hour sessions, however this can be adjusted each session as time is needed or used.