Robyn Pearson Therapist

My Story

I’m Robyn Pearson.  I live in the beautiful Redlands Coast area of Brisbane, and I provide online sessions via Zoom for Body Psychotherapy, EFT Tapping, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Energy Healing.

My Background

It’s difficult to feel understood when seeking professional psychological therapy for self-understanding and clarity of thought, when you see beyond the physical and the traditional science-based model that only acknowledges the mind. True and lasting change requires the integration of our systems – psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. When I embraced this way of being, acknowledging and integrating all of me, magic happened.  

The life experiences I’ve had, the traumas, grief, joys, my family and relationships, career, studies, the journey that has led me here is what inspires and drives me forward as a therapist and healer. To offer a safe place for other people who have been or are in pain, to heal as I have. 

My Approach & Philosophy

It has taken some time to be able to fully acknowledge and embrace my inherent abilities, learned skills and intuitive insights that I have, to be brave enough to share and take the leap, to joyfully surrender into my purpose and path, as an experienced therapist and healer who is called to assist others toward healing, who are on the same or similar path.  

I am a proud Gringai woman of the Wonnarua Nation, daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, healer, therapist, artist, author, animal lover and so much more… 

It fills my soul, when the light is sparked within another, when lightness can be seen (sometime dimly) though the darkness that invades our soul and psyche, it is the start of self-illumination, the beginning of the journey home and the path to wholeness.  

My invitation to you, since you’ve already taken the first step, is to take the next… book a complimentary call and let’s have a chat. 

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I can help

When I first met Robyn at an EFT tapping seminar earlier in the year I was immediately drawn to her warmth and empathetic nature. I began having sessions with her and am so grateful that I was lucky enough to cross her path, as she has been such a wonderful anchor for me and continues to support and guide me through my journey. Whilst I still have stressful events In my life, the sessions with Robyn and the tapping has helped take the emotional “charge” off these stressors and I feel I am better equipped to handle these situations as a result of my time spent with her.

She is a wonderful listener and I always feel like she actually “hears” what I’m saying and can help me make sense of the millions of thoughts that go on in my head. She has helped me to separate the “situation” from the “feelings” surrounding the situation and this has really helped bring awareness and consciousness around my emotions, and I’ve become more of an observer rather than being deep entrenched in the drama or stress of a situation.

I highly recommend working with Robyn, she is so kind and caring not to mention very wise.


Chiropractor, Integrative nutritionist and mother of 3 young children